Superior M. "Mega Man X" Light

That smile is real, it ain't just programmed like with Mega Man.

Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Home: Japan
Death: Ran out of life energy in his time as an elf
AKA: Ecstasy
Likes: Reploids and humans coexisting (but in what way? :))
Dislikes: Being rejected by Zero
Education: Average Asian
Occupation: Maverick Hunter
Known For: Jumpin'n'shootin'n'dashin'n'walljumpin'
UnRank: 720,543

Mega Man X (born Superior M. Light) was a robot created by Dr. Light to replace Mega Man after he exploded due to consuming a glass of water. Mega Man's Artificial Idiocy was much to simple for Dr. Light's desires, so X's cognitive process was a replica of a human's. While X was innovative, Dr. Light thought that the 21st century wasn't the right time to release X to the world as he couldn't possibly compete with Apple. So, X was hidden away in a capsule for 100 years.

X was found in the 22nd century by some old dude named Dr. Cain. Cain thought that X was the baddest dude in town so he invited him over to meet his family. During dinner, X demonstrated his most significant technical superiority over Mega Man, being able to drink water. Dr. Cain brought up the idea of designing robots based on X's complex design, and so he did. These robots were named Reploids and they would forever continue war on Earth, notably his own machine "children" like Iris Good job Light, you ruined everything.

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