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The history of the Meep bird

Born in 1637, the first meep bird was a mixture of a  Passenger Pigeon and a Canary. The parents were arguing over what to name it, saying stuff like "Tweet, TWEET!" and "Twitter,twitter!", so eventually, the Passenger Pigeon, named Justin "time" forbombs, exploded. His last word was Meep, hence the name "Meep Bird". 


The meep bird lived in flocks of 200 to 500 birds, and they would always say Meep. They would mate on halloween night, so that they could meep together under the full moon. 


The Meep Bird ate paper mache bananas while in captivity in 1894. 


Nobody knows how the Meep Bird became extinct, although some llamas grieve over their dead friends, saying that the pickles got angry because of how they invented the language used by llamas to give away all pickles to the llamas. [[Meep|2]]


1-A picture of the meep bird. 

2-The meep page

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