Mecha-Zelda is a monster-robot-creature created by Bowser and Ganon because they wanted a weapon. Bowser

Mecha-Zelda (right), with Zelda next to her as a comparison.

and Ganon both won the coin toss, so they made a robot to look like Zelda. It is designed to destroy Zelda. It was going to destroy Mario too, but Bowser and Ganon rebuilt Mecha-Zelda. Now Mecha-Zelda has exactly 5,761,172 different weapons, but many of them are explosive, and accidentally blew her up. She was rebuilt, and kept shooting stuff.

Mecha-Zelda is a boss in The Legend of Zelda 5, but was never seen due to the fact that she is just a silhouette in this shame. She used her energy gun to try to kill Link, but accidentally shoots herself. Bowser and Ganon think she is stupid, and they are right, but don't tell her I said that.

Mecha-Zelda is also a robot. Did you know that? I bet you didn't. Now, I think I'm going to go kill Mecha-Zelda. Wait, that's too hard, I'll just go kill Robotnik Jr.



During the Hyrulian Civil War, Bowser took North Hyrule. 1 year later, Ganon talked to Bowser at Bowser City if both Bowser and him could make a robot, Bowser agreed. Soon they went to Bowser's Lab in Bowser's Castle. But then Squidward Tentacles sneaked in the lab, it was a success, but he got burned by Bowser's fireball. One of the things Squidward had was a piece of Zelda's hair. So Ganon tooked the stolen hair, gave it to Bowser. Then he put the stolen hair in the robot, the DNA of the stolen hair skin'ed the robot, the robot looked liked Zelda. Ganon put the plug-in on the robot's core. Bowser pull the charge switch. The next day, Bowser and Ganon checked to if the robot was finished, the robot was fully charged. The robot's computer turned on. Thus, Mecha-Zelda was created.

Hit List

Mecha-Zelda has compiled a list of targets to destroy. Some of them have been attacked, and some have not. Her they are:

  • Link--attacked, not killed
  • Mario--not attacked
  • Zelda--not attacked
  • Herself (accidentally)--attacked, killed, rebuilt
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