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Mayor Louis Kravindish
Kravindish saying his catchphrase
Gender: Male
Hair color: Grey (Wig)
Eye color: Grey
Species: Gamelonian Human
Home: Gamelon
Death: None
AKA: This is illegal guy
Likes: Arresting criminals
Dislikes: Crime
Education: Mayor training
Occupation: Mayor of Sakado
Known For: Saying "This is illegal you know!"
UnRank: 396702
Promotion: Gave himself one
" This is illegal you know! "
  —Mayor Kravindish

Mayor Kravindish is a guy that lives in Gamelon, and is mayor of Sakado. He is famous for his phrase "This is illegal you know!" and whenever he says it, the Police arrest everyone they think is breaking the law, or could have possibly broken the law. (Once he even got arrested himself!) Don't be anywhere near him when he says it, as if you are, you will be arrested! Illegal is just an old-timey way of saying unlegal... you know.


He was born in Gamelon and his dad was the mayor. When his dad passed away, he was given the job of mayor at the age of 2. When his secretary told him to read the manual for being the mayor, and the bit he was best at was arresting people for breaking the law, and made the phrase "This is illegal you know!" and made the phrase "This is illegal you know!" his catchphrase.


Of course, since he was 2 years old when he was mayor, everybody voted for the other guy, John McCain. He was going to win, but then Kravindish said "This is illegal you know!" and John got arrested. People decided a guy who could arrest people over 10 times his age would make a great Mayor, and he's been mayor ever since.

Notable Moment in his life

Master of the 42 stood anywhere near him. Kravindish thinked his famous phrase." This is illegal you know " he said. Then the police ( Thompson and Tompson ) arrested themself and Kravindish.