Full name: Maya Bonsels
Gender: Female
Likes: Bees
Dislikes: Everything that isn't a bee
UnRank: -616

Maya the Bee is a bee (no duh). But not just a bee. She loves freedom and living in the meadow by herself, unlike other bees who live in the hive. She is good, fair, happy and willing to help everybody. But don't let that fool you. She is EXTREMELY supportive of her kind, and we say that in the broadest way imaginable. She'll do whatever she has to do to get that message across. Murder, terrorism, genocide? Maya doesn't care. She will commit all these atrocities and more to spread the word that bees are the superior race.


Maya was born and raised similarly to another well-known bee. She lived a pretty normal life until one day the Teletubbies blew apart her hive, just because they could. Something snapped in Maya that day. She determined that besides bees, every living creature is the spawn of Satan, and should be eliminated permanently. Her first victims were, ironically, the Teletubbies, when she played a huge role planning out the Great Teletubby Land Massacre. After that, she continued on her heinous exploits, spreading mass propaganda among bees and constantly mass-murdering whatever other organisms she can find. Finally, Barry B. Benson banished her from the Bee Kingdom in 2018, but not before she gained a huge amount of followers. She continues running a dark empire of cronies to this day, each of them brainwashed almost as malicious as her.

Maya's Hit List

Maya the Bee has planned out a whole hit list of her biggest threats:

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