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Max, on himself
Max Stirner

Full name: Max Stirner
Gender: male
Sexuality: heterosexual
Hair color: black slickback
Eye color: unknown, always hidden behind anime glasses
Birthdate: October 25, 1806
Species: human
Home: East Poland
Alive or Dead?: alive
AKA: Johann Kaspar Schmidt
Likes: installing an egoist empire
Dislikes: loosing to the right wing
Education: pretty good if he does say so himself
Occupation: politican, milk shop manag-i mean anarchist milk shop contributor
Religion: Atheist
Known For: for creating Egoism/Anarcho-Egoism
Powers: knowledge

Max Stirner is some German guy from The Monochrome Dimension who now lives in East Poland, who invented a political ideology that basically says you can do whatever you want.

A lot of people think he’s just an overly edgy nihilist.

Life Summary

Max was born in an alternate Germany from The Monochrome Dimension in 1806 and was immediately in rolled into the University of Berlin. He graduated when he was 15 with a degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Bowling Industry Management & Technology.

When he was 16 he left The Monochrome Dimension and travelled to the UnUniverse, where he met a suffragette named Marie Dähnhard, who he promptly married and his daughter, Maxine Stirner, with.

One day he saw a guy selling milk and some guys came up and killed him, and that made Stirner think “whoah, imagine if you could do anything” and created his ideology known as “Egoism” (or correctly put, Anarcho-Egoism).

Everyone thought he was so stupid for his idea he opened a milk shop that would be ran like an anarchist commune (do not ask me how that would work).

He called it WaMcCafe (get it? since, he’s left wing and McDonalds is capitalism?) and it did fairly well for a single branch milk store.

He ended up opening a few new branches which resulted in higher levels of doing-well-ness (there was no profit, obviously).

He was having the time of his life but one day, Nazis! They came outta nowhere and made everything right-wing!

So obviously, he fled Germany with his daughter to East Poland, which had just become socialist thanks to influence from Russia.

He lives there to this very day


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