Matthew Fails is an awesome movie about a kid named Matthew who fails at life. Idiot Ratings rated it 37+.

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the Cover of this cool movie


The movie starts off in a classroom on the last day of school and Matthew and his friend Bill challenge each other to do lots of stupid things over the summer. Bill always wins them, though.


  1. Matthew jumps of a sea cliff and hits his head and lands in the water but is attacked by a cuttlefish
  2. Matthew rides a dirt bike through the woods and then it explodes when he hits a tree
  3. he turns runs faster than sonic but trips on a rock and FACEPLANT
  4. he goes to a dolphin rescue place and puts his hand out to touch a dolphin but it pulls him into the water and beats him up
  5. He goes fishing and catches a Giant Isopod and it latches onto his face and throws him off the boat
  6. He goes on a roller coaster and falls off
  7. He listens to the radio but Justin Beaver music comes on and makes the radio explode in his face
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