Matt Driver

Matt in college

Matt Driver is a complete loser who does nothing but design computer security programs. His greatest achievement in life is reaching level 50 in World of Warcraft as an Elf Clerk. He is also a volunteer sherifs deputy who shot Kayne West because he hates black people.


Matt was born in Silicone Valley while Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were making computers to rule he world. As a child, Matt had an unhealthy worship for these people. He wanted to help them conquer the world too. He went to Mars University to learn ow to be a computer geek. He then was employees by the Umbrella Corporation, but they said he looked to ugly to work their, so hey exiled him to the Umbrella Antarctica Base. In 2012, he quit his job at Umbrella to get the new World Of Warcraft game that cme out. He moved into his mother's basement and lived there for 6 months. After playing WoW, he decided it was time to reject his faith and life. He became an Atheist Brony who plays Skyrim.

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