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Matryoshka Miku
Gender: Female
Hair color: Turquoise
Eye color: (outer iris) turquoise, (inner iris) yellow
Species: Vocaloid/android
Home: Japan
Death: Shot herself in the head, but was rebuilt a day later
AKA: Jeff the Killer's wife
Likes: to kill all idiots
Dislikes: water
Education: She ain't need no "ed-yu-kay-shan"!
Occupation: serial killer
Known For: for killing Gumi and some random guy
UnRank: 985

"Smooch Smooch..."

-Matryoshka Miku, right before shooting herself in the head.

Matryoshka Miku is a killer/singer/guy who people love to hate.

Background Information

She is basically the infamous Hatsune Miku, only more creepier and VERY HOMICIDAL!!! She appeared in the infamous song Matryoshka, which a lot of people like to imitate and obnoxiously reference it on NicoNico Douga, Pixiv, and a buncha other Japanese websites I don't care about.

August 18, 2010

This is the infamous date that Matryoshka Miku came to existence. Apparently, what happened was she and Gumi got drunk, stole some ridiculous clothes and stalked some guy's studio and sang some "Russian" yet totally Japanese song with stupid face paint. Eventually, she committed suicide by shooting herself in the head, causing Gumi to throw up.

Teh Next Day

The same dude that witnessed everything decided to post the footage online, and thus, Matryoshka Miku was born. Meanwhile, she was rebuilt by I don't know and then killed Gumi with a kitchen knife and decided to go on a rampage.

Meeting Jeff

While Miku was going crazy, Jeff the Killer decided to kill some mailman. However, Miku was headed towards the same person, and the two psychopaths killed him at the same time by accident. Eventually, Jeff and Miku looked at each other and fell in love. The two eventually got married and gave birth to the V of Doom, which just about everyone hates!


She is still married to that freak Jeff, and she still is killing idiots while the V of Doom invades other peoples homes.


  • Her rivals are some other singing robot called Alt 2.0 (who came out with a non-scary and actually CUTE song called MARUDE MATRYOSHKA the same time Miku came out with her awful song) and the Higglytown Heroes.