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This was taken before he murdered the cameraman!

Gender: masculine programming
Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
Species: robot/android
Home: Matryoshka Miku/Jeff the Killer's house
Death: none
AKA: Felicianoid (his creator calls him that)
Dislikes: nothing
Education: none
Occupation: none
Known For: being annoying
UnRank: -800
Promotion: none

Matryoshka Miku's Brother is named Hetaloid.


Italoid (AKA Matryoshka Miku's Brother/Felicianoid) is a very annoying robot twin of Italy that went psycho and moved into Matryoshka Miku and Jeff the Killer's house.


Italy caught Germany reading a book on robots one day, so he created Italoid to impress everyone. However, the robot went psycho and tried to kill his creator (he survived). Italoid then crashed Matryoshka Miku and Jeff the Killer's house and called Miku "sister". He then moved in permanently and gave the V of Doom the idea to work for Viacom. V liked the idea and found employment there.



Aw, he can't be evil, can he? Wait a minute... Robots don't sleep!

Italoid still lives with his "sister" and "brother-in-law". He finds Sway3po attractive, which that means HE'S GAY!!!


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