Matryoshka Gumi

Why is she in a shopping cart?

Gender: feminine programming
Hair color: green
Eye color: red (outer iris) green (inner iris)
Species: android/vocaloid
Home: none
Death: being stabbed by Matryoshka Miku
AKA: Megpoid
Likes: singing, anything alcoholic
Dislikes: using money
Education: "What's ed-yoo-kay-shan?"
Occupation: vocaloid
Known For: being the first victim to be murdered by Matryoshka Miku
UnRank: 10376
Promotion: none

Cquote1 You and me, rendezvous? Cquote2
This weirdo. 'Nuff said.


Matryoshka Gumi is the drunk er, I mean, eccentric version of Megpoid Gumi that appeared in the infamous and evil song "Matryoshka". She was killed the day after the incident.

August 18, 2010

Gumi found out about Miku's successful song release, so the two went to a bar and got drunk. After a buncha crazy things later, the two ended up singing the song "Matryoshka". After Miku commited suicide, Gumi cried and then threw up into a bucket. A second later, the two were kicked out of the studio. Gumi then took Miku to get fixed, and she was.

August 19, 2010

The photographic evidence was then posted online, and the two had no memory of the incident. However, Miku became psycho and then stabbed poor Gumi multiple times with a knife until she was dead.


Even though Gumi is dead, her voice was recorded so more songs could be made. Even though she was an android, she could not be fixed and was buried under the soon-to-be Matryoshka Miku and Jeff the Killer's house.


  • She is well-known for the epic yet extremely confusing hoodie that she stole oops, borrowed.
  • She is often forgotten by many Miku fans when the horrific "Miku the Killer" incident is discussed.
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