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" You take the mask, you save the universe, otherwise I'll do it myself for the better. "
  —Matoro before a roleplay.
Matoro, Toa of Ice
The one who sacrficed himself to Doc Brown by sweating. How ironic.
Full name: Matoro
Gender: Male
Eye color: Orange
Species: Bionicle
Home: building
AKA: Toa Inika/Mahri of Ice

The Virtue of Humility I

Known For: Known leader of the Virtues
Powers: Ice, Controlling dead bodies
Alignment: Neutral Good
UnRank: 77 Million

Matoro is a really zany “powerful” dude and a “toa” (dunno what that means) of ice, which is ironic considering he sold his soul to Marty and Doc Brown by sweating during an attempt to finish that damned game called “Back to the Future” on NES.

Matoro is also the leader of the Seven Heavenly Virtues until he ate chili dogs for a second, leading Luke Skywalker to tell Sonic. Because of this, Sonic ultimately beat up Matoro which caused Luke Skywalker to take his place.. for 5 seconds. However, this does not conflict with his position of being a Scary Robot.™


Matoro is a translator of hex and bits, a fancy term for the word robot. He was very quiet and very secretive towards the rest of his teammates, despite having to be.. robotic. Despite that, he was still protective of the other five. Matoro always had an inferior feeling towards the other Toa. As time flew, he gained more confidence and began to take control of the team as they journeyed into the toxic ocean generated by Tsunami.

Known powers

Matoro is capable of freezing others and using the Kanohi Tyrna to control dead bodies; meaning he's pretty much a necromancer, but a heroic one unlike say, Googolplex.