Math is a satanic ritual preformed by corrupted numbers. They find ways onto Paper and glare at you until you do it. Most people die when confronted with math. If you do math, you are very smart, and only Teachers and Albert Einstein have figured out how to do it. Other smart people just dont do it. Teachers use it to give children work. Many children die from Math. Math is illegal in some places. Purple Pi are very fond of Math, and are attracted towards anywhere or anyone with a high concentration of Math. This is why Purple Pi can be found in teachers and are ubiquitous in schools.


Seems pretty good

Types of Math

There are many types of math,more deadlier then the last.

Addition  (Adding more mass to the universe)

Subtraction  (Able to cause black holes)

Multiplication (Allows you to clone stuff)

Division (Rips stuff in half)

Exponentiation (Able to expand s*** faster and faster)

Use as Weapon

2  has allowed the numbers to use their math as a weapon aganist people. It is used in many wars like the Supernova War. Not all numbers like this use though aand end up killing the user. Uses as a weapon include:

  • Bomb
  • Sword
  • Add mass to universe
  • Black Hole creation
  • Rip in half
  • Child abuse
  • Airplane
  • Laser
  • Slow down time
  • Speed up time
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