CGI Mata Nui (Island)

This shows the remarkable geographic diversity of Mata Nui.

Mata Nui is an island on Mata Nui. It was first settled by Tohunga Matoran and Turaga when the Toa Metru took all the Matoran from Metru Nui to Mata Nui. Then diverse Rahi beasts got infected masks and the Toa Mata had to come and defeat Makuta. Then Bohrok came and the Toa Mata had to defeat the Bahrag and the Toa Mata became Toa Nuva. Then the Seventh Toa was going to come so Makuta sent the Rahkshi. Then the Seventh Toa came and defeated Makuta and all the Matoran planned to go back to Metru Nui. And then they tried to go back, but bad things happened, so maybe they all should have just stayed.

It was colonized by the UnUnited Kingdom in the 18th century.

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