Master Chief
Master Chief

Master Chief iz wai 2 EP1C 4 U 2 Handul!!!

Gender: Male
Hair color: Helmet-Hair
Eye color: Visor Vision!
Species: Human (formerly)
Evil Cyborg
Home: Space (ALIEN space!)
Death: Killed by faulty grenade, but respawned
AKA: Master Awesome
Likes: Waking up to GO KILL ALIENS!
Dislikes: Out of ammo
Education: 80 years of military training
Occupation: Super Soldier
Known For: Blowing brains out of aliens
UnRank: Aleph Null

Cquote1 Another bomb has been planted!? SERIOUSLY!? Aw, s***! Cquote2
Master Chief
His average nightmare.
He was awake that time.

Master Chief is the greatest human who ever lived, and goes into the battlefield, slaying monster after alien. His first shame was Duck Hunt, in which he uses a Sniper Rifle to kill them ducks! Master Chief was also a part of Brawl of the Consoles, until he killed Spider-Man. Master Chief then attended a Halo convention, and met Master Hand.

Master Chief served in the UUNSC for his entire life. He was killed during the Showdown at High Noon when Superman removed his limbs, causing him to bleed to death. Of course, he only feigned death, somehow pulled out a rocket launcher without arms and made it all the way to the UnRank Scales where Happycat was being measured. Both stood against the Forces of the UnUniverse, being admitted into the Undefeatables.



Master chief has the super human ability to BLOW THE S*** OUT OF EVERY ALIEN CREATURE HE SEES! He does this by hacking away at them with his Energy Sword, creating boom booms with his Rocket Launcher, blowing brains out with his Shotgun and... wait for it... wait for it... THE SPARTAN LASER! And that's not all... HE HAS TELEKINESIS!??!?! FREAKING EPIC!!!!!!!!!!THE ABILITY TO MOVE THING'S WITH HIS MIND! He has a cool gun.

As of 5060, we discovered he now has removable limbs. But how????????????


Fuhrer of Germany
Dexter Grif
2540-2549 Counsel of Bronies
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