This Tubby Custard Machine is a machine owned by Mary that formerly made Tubby Custard untill Mary's good Guy/Girl Hormones Kicked in. It now makes The Fake Non-toxic Tubby Custard It has various levers and a tap to pour the custard into a bowl and cup.
Tinky Winky mess

Good Tinky Winky making a mess in Nice Teletubbyland with the first generation Version of the Machine.

Tubby Custard Machine

The machine is sometimes used and raided by the Teletubbies and their allies back then when Mary lived in the Bungalow of Home Dome, which means If youre not a teletubby member or a former member, you can use it. Although some people who aren't Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Doddy, Thumper or Po must be one of their minions like Noo-Noo, who sucks the custard up. Dud13 and Christy sometimes uses it, but only on occasions. There are several buttons on this machine that if you press them, it's either going to make Tubby Custard, or kill The Stupid One (Patched in mark II of the machine). It is also can be messy, which is why Noo-Noo goes crazy. One time, Dud13 squirted custard on Christy by accident, the day before the police sped in front of her house. Nathan is researching facts about the Enterprise XXX He discovered Tinky Winky's Bag was Dimensionally Transcendental Same as the ship.

Mark I

This one Kills The Stupid One if you press random buttons. this Machine was mass produced. It's tap swings.

Mark II

1997-2015 Tubby Custard Machine (fusion) -1

Mk2, The model Mary posesses,

This was mass produced like the Mark 1. This machine perhaps looks slightly Different than Mk1. It doesn't have a built in keypad, the keypad it comes with it. it's tap rises instead of swings and the poles are the same height and arrow and star shaped lights.

More levers were added and the button that activates the tap was replaced by a lever. A hand-like apparatus that swings, grabs the bowls being dispensed, and puts them on a conveyor instead of the bowls coming out a gate and moving on a conveyor like in the mk1 Version, also both of the poles are hollow so that bowls are stored.

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