Mars university

Mars University Insignia

Mars University is a college located on Mars. It was one of the few colleges in the universe. It has produced great thinkers and innovators. It prides itself in its athletics programs and warfare tutoring.


Mars University was founded by Martians who had nothing better to do. They used some lasers and crap and created some ridiculous looking building. In fact, it looked too ridiculous. So the Martians went back in time to kidnap Greeks to build the college. It then looked freaking awesome! It was opened in the early 1700's for smart alien people.


Mars University shows enormous pride for its outstanding education system. It has classes that are for super smart people, and for your average Joe.


Mars University has the greatest college football team in the universe. Their most famous player is Alex Weegee. He is famous for blowing the 1958 UnNFL Championship.


Mars University has an amazing set of warfare-based classes. Being Mars, they love war, so they just can't resist training people to conquer Earth. The warfare program of Mars University is currently funded by the tax dollars of United States of UnAmerica citizens.


Mars University was the college to many famous people. Just to name a few:

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