Mark Zuckerberg after creating Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg (born as and also known as Mark Gates) is a founder and CEO of the most popular website in Earth, Facebook. Others helped but Mark Zuckerberg eliminated all of them as soon as they had the money.


Mark Zuckerberg was born as "Mark Gates" and was the son of Bill Gates. For no reason, he changed his last name to "Zuckerberg" when he was little. It is possible he made up that last name, we will never know. When he was a little kid, Mark was one of the smartest kids in his school. Starting when he was in middle school, he aimed to be as rich and popular as his father, so he entered into computer programming. He was also raised as a Jew, but abandoned that religion to become a badass close-minded atheist. But despite that, Mark entered college and began working with his mates to create a site in which we can post status like "just taking a piss/poo" and sext online for the public to view. But then Mark dominated the group and stole all their money to become very rich. When Mark was working on the site, he aimed for it to be "the ultimate hangout spot for Pedo Bear, Teletubbies, and containing an elite squad of spies, secret agents, and ninjas set out to compete with Pedo Bear". He also wanted a website to completely pwn Myspace in terms of awesomeness.

Mark Zuckerberg, World Economic Forum 2009 Annual Meeting

Mark talks about how it feels to be rich and have created the most popular website ever.

Mark Zuckerberg at the 37th G8 Summit in Deauville 018 v1

Zuckerberg at age 25.

And then, Facebook became super popular, causing Mark to get whole stacks of money to become one of the richest dudes in the world, along with his father Bill Gates. He then became friends with Pedo Bear and Teletubbies and they lived happily ever after.

But one day, Mark joined Pedo Bear to stick books to the faces of unsuspecting children, calling the kids "Facebooks", causing some kids to die due to suffocation. Mark was then arrested but was released soon afterwards after it was reported he was "doing it for fun" with Pedo Bear.

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