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The boxart to Mario Mart

220px-Mario Kart DS screenshot

gameplay is fun...until that squid appears! This squid is a blooper.

Mario Mart is a shopping and racing shame. The player races through many supermarkets to spend the most amount of money before exiting the store. It has many features, including one that is unlockable. The game has a story mode, where an ad came up on TV. It says whoever could buy the most useless stuff would get a 5636% discount on all items. Getting a useless item will boost the players speed, while getting a useful item will slow the player down.

As the game was famous, this game had a site, toys, artwork, and 15,000 tons of cheese. Not to mention a shameless knockoff Plankton Kart.

Playable characters and Their Karts



New Arrivals



Grand Prix

The grand prix has only 2 modes: 150cc and Mirror Mode. Because who needs other cc's?

Battle Mode

Looks like the developers goofed up! You can only battle on certain of the same tracks you race on, so choose between popping balloons and getting useless stuff. Also coins, but don't play as Bowser! He dies in 1 hit during Balloon Battles.

Demolition Mode

Like Grand Prix, but its mirrored. Get hit once, and you die.

Story Mode

Faster, 200cc version of 150cc Grand Prix.

Boss Mode

Fight bosses and stuff.

Boss Racers

These Racers are Bosses in Boss Mode. They can be unlocked once you beat them.


Clean Cup

Eattime Cup

Magazine Cup

Coffee Cup

Special Cup

Last Cup

  • There is only one ridiculously long track on this cup where you race against all the characters you unlocked. Recommended that you do not unlock a lot of characters prior to either beating this cup or getting some actual skills like all these tracks:

Random Cup

  • Luigi's Mansion
  • Bikini Bottom
  • Dimmsdale
  • The Galaxy
  • Nightmare Lab
  • Germany
  • Daytona International Speedway Food Court

Seperation Anxiety Cup

Doctor Who Cup

Thomas Cup

TF2 Cup

Mann vs Machine Cup

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