Mario Lisa

The Mario Lisa

The Mario Lisa is a famous painting of Mario. It was painted by Harry Potter in 1706. It is often considered the greatest painting in the history of the UnWorld. It is also the painting that has been stolen more than any other in the history of the UnWorld. It is currently taped to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, because that's the safest place Anybody could think of. It was a ripoff of the Mona Lisa

When Harry Potter got good at painting, he decided he wanted to do something more professional and realistic. After getting a name for himself, one of the most powerful men from all of Europe came to him. That's right! Adolf Hitler asked for a professional painting. Harry painted him, and got famous for painting people who have cool mustaches. Mario heard of this, and demanded a painting at once.

The Mario Lisa was finished withing five minutes. Mario loved it, and Harry Potter became the best painter ever. The Mario Lisa was put in a museum, but then it got stolen. It was recovered, but then it was stolen again. This kept happening over and over, as Nobody thought to lock it up.

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