Mario's Fart is a shame created by Nintendonut in 1970 for the Atari 1. It is so awful that even the American government made a joke about it. People were even scared of it. It caused many suicides.

It was made as a reaction to Mario Kart. Nintendonut time travelled from 2015 to 1970 and made Mario's Fart to try and make it seem like it was the inspiration for Mario. However, it didn't work and people proved that they were stupid.


Mario's fart gameplay

Shameplay of Mario's Fart. That weird line thing is his fart, btw.

Mario is standing at a wall. If you hit the red button on the controller, he does a fart. If you hit it twice the game crashes. If you hit it thrice, then the game lets you play a glitched-up version of Pong.

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