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Manny’s excuse for committing war crimes

Manny Heffley is a notorious war criminal. He is responsible for the deaths of over 50 million innocent people. He is currently wanted by nearly every single government in the UnOmniverse except the Southern Septant of the Frost Dimension. Never mind, he's now wanted there too.

Early Life

Manny Heffley was born to Frank and Susan Heffley on April 20, 1939 he mutilated 17 wild animals, causing him to go to juvenile prison until January 12, 1967 when he became the main perpetrator of the rape of Nanking.

Modern Life

He's a blood thirsty murderer with the looks of a young todler, however do not be fooled because he's pretty much 80 years old at this point. Nobody knows how he evaded puberty.


  • He is the one responsible for the holocaust and he somehow blamed Adolf Hitler.
  • he caused every single war, assassination, murder, massacre, and war crime that has ever happened, and somehow blamed it on someone else.
  • he has traveled back in time to do a lot of those things.
  • you know the forbidden fruit that eve took in the bible? That was actually manny who took it.
  • Manny knows various alien swears and slurs, like, "Bubby" or, "Ploopy."
  • Manny has fabricated a lie that there are fruits called bapples and zapples, but as it turns out, they DO exist.
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