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Man Fat
Man Fat.jpg
It will kill you if it sits on you.
Gender: Unknown
Hair color: None
Eye color: Black
Species: Bouncy Ball of Blubber
Home: The Guy Who Asks Too Many Questions' House
Death: Killed when sat on by Fatman
AKA: Fat Thing
Likes: Being thin (as if)
Dislikes: Dying
Education: Bouncing Training
Occupation: Badguy
Known For: Nothing at all
UnRank: 147

Man Fat is a monstrous creature created by The Guy Who Asks Too Many Questions when he wanted to do stuff. Man Fat is a monster, a slave, an evil minion, and a ball at the same time.


Man Fat was created in a lab, but it broke out, only to do whatever The Guy Who Asks Too Many Questions told it to do. He wanted Man Fat to attack Fatman, so it did. He failed, and died when the even heavier Fatman sat on him and imploded his massive stomach.


When Man Fat was created, a personality was programmed into it. It can only feel rage to Fatman, and loyalty to The Guy Who Asks Too Many Questions. Other than that, it has no emotion.

Physical Appearance

Eew! Don't make me have to do this!

Theme Music


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