Make a Pie and Die is the seventeenth episode of Teletubbies. This episode stars Dipsy and his efforts to make a delicious pie. There is also a subplot of the other Teletubbies watching Two and a Half Men. This episode aired after the sixteenth and before the eighteenth. Ironically, its original date of airing was the same day Fatman: The Movie was released onto DVD. We don't know how it's ironic: it just is.


The episode starts out where we are staring at the sun, as usual. Then we hear explosions. It cuts to Dipsy in the kitchen. "DRATS!" he says. "My efforts to produce a pastry and fruit dessert have proved futile once again!" He gets back to work mixing random chemicals and formulas into the mix. He then puts it into the oven once again.

Meanwhile, Tinky Winky suggests they watch Two and a Half Men. With Po's most recent plot to take over the world having failed, she had nothing better to do. They begin to watch Charlie Sheen screaming at the other characters.

Back in the lab kitchen, Dipsy is pulling his newest pie out of the oven, he sees that it looks rather good for a chemical cocktail pie, he then stabs it with his knife to cut it... and it explodes in his face. He screams every swear word that exists (and many that don't). He then starts from scratch, deciding to make a "normal" pie. Though it's boring, it probably won't blow up in his face. He decides to make a blueberry pie, because they are the berries of death. They aren't really, but the Teletubbies don't think very much.

Back to the other Teletubbies, Laa-Laa had just walked into the room. She declares Two and a Half Men to be the dumbest show that has ever been on TV. Tinky Winky gets up, and punches Laa-Laa right in the face, knocking her out cold. Po laughs at this display of senseless violence, and the two then go back to watching Two and a Half Men.

Dipsy has finally finished his pie. He sets it on the windowsill to let it cool. Garfield tries to steal it, but the Teletubby Land Bunnies tie him up and eat him alive (though he somehow survived). Dipsy then takes the pie, ready to eat. And then Dipsy explodes before he eats a single bite.

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