Major Crits on an average day.
Major Crits
Major Crits.png

He's gonna kill you all.......

Gender: Male
Hair color: NA, falsely bald.
Eye color: Blue
Species: Robot
Home: Satanist Empire
Likes: Blowing up places everywhere, Shooting a blitz of rockets everywhere.
Dislikes: Being destroyed.
Education: NA
Occupation: Robotic Bomber
Known For: A soldier look-alike who bombs places EVERYWHERE.
UnRank: -1,000,000,000

Major Crits is a robot who is a soldier look-alike (Much Like Painis Cupcake), and he lives up to his name, bye.

Oh who am I kidding, he is not called Major Crits for nothing, and he is constructed by Mao Zedong, and trust me, he is actually worse than Mao Zedong, and he is even worse than all Mao Zedong, Diesel 10, and Bruticus Maximus combined (Though not as bad as The Chosen One, that's REALLY BAD), and does more damage than all of those three!

Something about Major Crits is that he is that he made genocides, he wiped out many people in Japan and Israel (He's Hitler and Tojo all over again except worse than both of them combined!).

He is the chronological ninth member of the 18-member organization created by Thanos known as the Ultimate Platinum Overlord Invasion Organization, which is a sister organization with Galvatron's Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization.

Major Crits is the twenty-second member to join the Quintessential Elemental Emperor Invasion Organization in general chronologically and is the fourth member in the Metal Group.

Speaking about groups, he's also the somethingth number scary robot part of the Scary Robots Gang

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