Major Infinity

Major Infinity in all her glory.

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Major ∞ is a female captain major. She is in love with Captain 0. She was created when Captain 0 made a ripoff of the Wa-Machine that made different clones instead of WaClones. He tested it on himself because he wanted to see the results. When he saw her, he decided to name her "Major NaN". She thought this was offensive ("NaN" means "Not a Number"), so she legally had it changed to Major ∞.

She is infamous for getting kidnapped 5 million times. The most famous time was when she was kidnapped by Adolf Hitler. At the time, Adolf was the Fuhrer of Germany. She was saved by Captains 0 and -1. Chuck Norris helped by roundhouse kicking Hitler.

After she got rescued from Hitler's clutches, she was promoted to major. This was for no reason other than she was a girl. It was done by Cyber-Dee, because Captain 0 was busy.

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