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Zombies vs Plants: We Don't Want Zombies On Our Lawn!

Zombies vs. Plants, lesser known as its full name Zombies vs Plants 1: We Don't Want Zombies on Our Lawn!! is a shame made by PipCop Shames LTD. It was released in 1989 and was released as an even better pack in 1991, in commemoration of the fall of the Soviet Union. It was released on the PC 2, NintenD'oh 66, NintenD'oh iBart, and was rereleased as "Zombies vs. Plants THE REMASTER!" on the NintenD'oh ShameSphere, iJennyXJ9 (albeit only the demo that goes up to 1-6), and the PC 3!!! It was one of the most influential shames of the 69th console generation, especially because Biased Ratings gave it a 4 for "AWSOME!!".

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