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Nuclear insanity.. at its finest.

" I regretted ever going on a walk... now look at me! Horrible! Stupid! Absolutely putrid! And all because of a simple crack in a power plant... "
  — Telephobia

Telephobia, also known as Wa​Wa​Wa​Wa​Wa​WaWa​Wa​Wa... Tinky Winky and Photoshop WaTinky Winky is the nuclear fgsjnzmndlgfgsklfjgfkgd form of WaTinky Winky, and your worst ever nightmare. He was created in 1963 after a nuclear plant fell off its base and onto WaTinky Winky. Though this meant that WaTinky Winky would die, he didn't for some reason.

For some freakin' reason, he entered a deep coma, which meant that he could only be awoken by the true prince's kiss of love nuclear insanity. Sorry about that, my fairy tale obsessed brother's here with me. TRUE LOVE'S KISS!! *sigh*

Anyways, after the incident regarding the nuclear plant WaTinky Winky was rushed to the hospital, guided by his fellow WaFriends (WaPo, WaDipsy, and WaLaa-Laa). Everyone thought he was dead, considering the massive size of the nuclear plant. However, it was much worse for WaTinky...

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