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Even its professional image makes it look stupid!

" Karp! Karp! I like pie! "

This Magikarp is at least over 9000 Squadala Meters! It broke the world record, caught by Redneck Joe.

Many people use Magikarp as pets

A Magikarp is a strange Pokemon that can use any TM other than splash and tackle. He is a fat slop that likes cheese pie. He is the puniest moron Pokemon in the whole wide world.

He is ultimately useless.


The First Magikarp

The first magikarp was created when the Powers of Weakness were combining. They created the runt-fish. They later renamed it magikarp due to prejudice issues. Nobody know WHAT the issues were, but there were issues. The first magikarp then roamed the sea.

The Second Magikarp and More

The Powers of Weakness realized their great (for their standards) creature would DIE if it didn't have a mate. Everyone cheered at this, and the powers of weak were too weak to do anything about it. So, they just combined their powers AGAIN to create another magikarp. Then, they made 2,617.5 more magikarp to keep the population higher.

Danger to the Magikarps

Eventually, these runts were SO weak, that pokemon trainers gave up trying to train them, and just started snacking on their Magikarp pokemon. The fishermen gathered every last magikarp, and they ate them all. Even though they are weak Pokemon, they aren't even in the top 10 weakest Pokemon list and are actually quite common even though survival is a challenge for such weak Pokemon.


Even though Magikarp is weak, it still has great strengths unlike Sunkern.

The many positive traits of Magikarp.



  • Tackle
  • Splash
  • Flail
  • Bounce

Magikarp can beat up Pikachu, but only without Plot Armor.

Magikarp In The Real World

Magikarp Is actually even more common in the real world than it is in the virtual world. It can be as big as 6 Squadala Meters! Many people use magikarp as bait to catch rarier Pokemon and fish like Gyradoes and Box jellyfishand even the bacterian camel! People LOVE to use Magikarp as pets because they can't do any damge to their tanks but when they evolve, that causes a HUGE problem. (no pun intended)