Nothing Special

They said she was nothing special.

Maggie Bottle

They died.

Maggie Simpson is the small and somewhat homicidal daughter of Homer and Marge Simpson. She is also the vice president of the adult content division at NintenD'oh. Maggie has made a decent living for herself, racking in her first million at only three months old. Maggie Simpson briefly succeeded her family in success despite the fact that she was the only one that wasn't potty trained.

The Simpsons often consider Maggie to be the best accident to ever happen to them. She is easily the most powerful of the group, having defeated many foes including but not limited to other babies, mobsters, Fat Tony, Stewie Griffin, government officials, and Elmo.

Maggie is also the smartest Simpson, having recently beat Lisa in a battle of wits. She has proven to have an IQ of 167 (she cheated, but that's beside the point) and is capable of outsmarting Anybody (again, she cheated). Maggie is considered to be the smartest baby ever (even though this claim is founded by lies).

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