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Magatsu-Dio Brando
Magatsu-Dio Brando

Magatsu-Dio Brando is the Calamity version of Dio Brando that Bulk Bogan accidentally made a year ago when he convinced Dio to eat an entire Virtual Boy, which somehow made an evil clone or something. You should fear him because he's even more of a jackass than the normal Dio.


A day after his creation, he tried to kill Victor Krabs, but he had already died 14 years ago, and was searching for 10 months. When he stopped searching, he went to Taco Bell during the night and said ZA WARIO, shortly after he ate all the burritos with time frozen. Then died shortly due to it being too much taco bell. However 12 seconds later: another vampire named Nosferatu walked in and performed CPR on him, called an ambulance, and saved his life.

He is pitied by Mr. T.


  • Instead of having the stand Za Warudo (The World) he has Za Wario (The Wario) instead! (only difference is that Wario makes you hungry)
  • Just like the normal Dio Brando, he's also a vampire, which is SCARY!
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