Mad Dog McREE

Mad Dog McREE is a 1990 FMV (fake motion video) shame developed by the NSFW movie company American Lazer Shames, released for arcades, MS-DOS, 4DO, Nintendo Wii, Windows, DVD, and many other useless shame players.


In a town some random dude named Mad Dog kills some people and captures the mayor's daughter. An old guy comes up to you and asks you to help. He dies.


The shame's original arcade release featured a realistic looking but ridiculously colored light-gun. You shot footage of pre-recorded footage with footage of actors from the creator of the shame's previous work, Super Hornio Bros. You also have ammo and stuff.


Politically Correct Gamer gave the shame 3%, saying "This isn't a game". Shame Informed gave it a C-, saying "This shame made my ding-dong go up". The ESRB gave it a rating of T even though the shame had a uncensored 7 minute sex scene.

Reviewer Score
Politically Correct Gamer 3%
Shame Informed C-
Shame Weekly 3 Stars


There was 3 sequels.

  1. Mad Dog 2: The Lost Treasure
  2. Mad Dog 3: It's High Noon
  3. Mad Dog 3:2: The Prequel
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