See the difference?

The Macintosh (often shortened to Mac because most people are lazy) is a computer that was invented by Steve Jobs in 1994. It was one of the main products that made Apple a successful company. The Mac is no longer in production due to the iMac, but it can still be found in some museums and landfills with all of the rest of the obsolete technology.

The Macintosh is basically a computer like the ones made by Microsoft, except better. The Macs are better because they are immune to most viruses, they are built better, and they have a on the front. The only thing that is bad about the Mac is the fact that it costs OVER 9000 dollars.

There are three parts to a Mac. First, there is the screen. Yes, that's the magical glowing thing. The second part is the computer. This is the magical box that tells the magical screen what magic to do. Finally, there's everything else (which we're classifying as one item so we don't confuse you). These are the magical things that you use to tell the magical box what to put on the magical screen.

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