MS Paint

This is a Windows 7 version of MS Paint. It's so magical.

Cquote1 KILL ME! PLEASE! Cquote2
—''', A common MS Paint drawing.MS Paint' is a magical place in the UnUniverse and Windows where you create drawings and bring them to life. MS Paint is well-known for it's ugly awesome creations. MS Paint was created by Bill Gates when he decided for Windows XP to have an update. 

MS Paint: Adopt a Drawing Program

As of Christmas of 2002, Bill Gates announced that kids can now adopt an MS Paint creature or draw their creature and adopt it. Many people liked this idea of Bill Gates. That made MS Paint a very popular place. Unfortunately, Bill Gates shut down the MS Paint: Adopt a Drawing in 2009 because Steve Jobs gained more popularity. If it wasn't for Steve Jobs's square machine, MS Paint: Adopt a Drawing Program would still exist today.

How to Draw in MS Paint

Just pick a color in 'Color Palette' then draw something that is definitely going to be gruesome awesome. Click 'Save' then watch your drawings come to life. TADAH! Now you have a living breathing creature that will eventually kill itself because it has low self-esteem. Thanks human.

MS Paint 3D

MS Paint 3D replaced MS Paint in Windows 10. It is Microsoft's attempt to kill two birds with one stone.


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