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" YES!!! YES!!! "
  —M. Bison during his "victory"

One of the rare photos of Bison without smile.

Master Bison is the mysterious dictator of an unknown country in the unexplored location. It was later revealed he is the dictator of North Brazil, where nothing but Juche is done.

M. Bison is the strong man with the pover level OVER 9000. He has many henchmen and money, but he always fights himself for some reason.

M. Bison became one of the first guys who wanted take over the world (OF COURSE!!!). Howewer he was stopped by a bunch of random fighters. Since that time, M. Bison spends most of time by planning next takeovers and watching something delicious on his iPhone.

M. Bison's IRL form

While the most of his world domination plans usually don't work M. Bison did something very cool for the world. M. Bison invented Bison Virus, a mysterious virus causing people to smile with a Hollywood Smile. This was very difficult to life with a 32-teeth smile on your face, but when infected Dr. Robotnik became the president of Mobius in 2008, everybody wanted to be infected. This virus is also destroys brain cells but nobody really cares. M. Bison found this fact "delicious".

M. Bison is a noticeable guy, because he is alive but he already died. Twice (he is cooler than James Bond). Nobody knows how he did that, because Bison isn't respawnable at all. Bison himself thinks the fact that he is alive 3rd time is "delicious".

He appeared in several shames as the final boss. Most of them are fighting ones. He also appeared in Captain 0: The Great RPG Adventure as the minor villain.


M. Bison after he settled his nation in --North Brazil--.. Bison "Yes Yes!" Widescreen HD reupload

M. Bison after he settled his nation in North Brazil.

Eventually, he was forced to team up with NEDMgee or else.

Did I mention he also revived Ms. Ukraine?