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M is the most violent, dangerous, and evil of all of the letters of ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. He is most well known for being Mario's mascot.

M was arrested by the Police for attempted murder ("But he was asking for it!") but broke out after smuggling in bombs. M ran to the greatest criminals he knew: NintenD'oh. Their leader, Homer Simpson, allowed M to work for them, and M began a career there.

After NintenD'oh failed miserably, M was fired, and went to Nintendo to get revenge. Nintendo assigned M the job of hanging out with Mario so he would look cooler.

M was later shot and killed by Homer's delinquent son Bart Simpson. N took over for M, but was not as successful.

Ernie from Peppermint Park has a strange obsession with M, and even has a song dedicated to how he can't imagine life without M. You'd think M likes him, but in reality, M thinks he's a creepy stalker.