Luna is a ghost girl that enjoys bothering people and for some reason Bjorn let her be a Peggle Master.


Luna about to do something stupid

Life before becoming a ghost

Not Much is known about here before becoming a ghost. There are many theories about how she died. Some people think she got hit by a car on halloween while she tried to escaped a guy whos house she egged.

Life as a Ghost

As a ghost she liked to bother Zombies and other ghosts by stealing their arms and beating them with it. The Ghost Busters have tried everything to catch her but they have never got anywhere close to catching her. Everytime someone goes into the graveyard she chucks rocks at her. Chuck Norris wants to kill her but she is too fast for him. Her favorite thing to do is play Peggle. Her power is the NightShade which makes things turn into ghosts for a bit. She doesn't use it to fight much, she pefers throwing stuff at people. She is considered a "hero" after she killed tons of Pumkins and gutted them and set them on fire. She now lives in The Gravely Grove and throws stuff at people.

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