Luna is a cat owned by The Moon with a human soul trapped in it hell-bent on the annihilation of all other moons so Earth's can be the dominant in the entire UnUniverse. It is advised to keep your distance when you see her seeing as she is extremely powerful, and matches those as an almost-undefeatable rank.

Luna as a cat.


After, the one began realizing it was small and stupid compared to other moons it decided to suck the soul out of a human and ingrave a crescent onto it, sadly during her creation it accidentally creating a cat for whatever reason. Since, the moon is evil and all Luna's soul was also evil due to the moon recreated her form as a cat. She was then sent off to destroy every other moon she sees in her path but, somehow ended up becoming Sailor Moon's cat until she slaughtered her with her telekinesis she uses to slam moons into planet's causing mass explosions that can wipe out galaxies (of course, Sailor Moon respawned). 


Despite destroying moons she is also and intergalactic gang member of the Compton crops and even overtook Compton as her interspectacular kingdom. Because, of this Compton also became a separate country besides a city. She also sold drugs to powerful world leaders like Darwin Watterson, Bowser, & Dr. Robotnik. She also has the power to control the minds of humans only to get her deeds done. She is also drinks Lamp Oil to power her moon crescent witch gives her energy to survive as The Moons destroyer. 

A few of the other things she has done is make Pluto no longer a planet,  and form stars so make up her shape so she can be recognized for millenniums to come.


After, slaughtering Sailor Moon the other Sailor Scouts had grown alot of rage causing them to attack her however, since she was way more powerful she decided to kill them all by sending a plane to crash into them all (They also Repsawned like Sailor Moon). Unluckly for her Chuck Norris happened to notice everything and uppercutted her head at light speed. As for her human form strangely every 250 years it can be noticed up in the sky as a reminder for all the destruction she caused. 
Sailor moon s movie human luna princess kaguya

Her human form obviously causing who ever took this picture to slowly go insane.

The rest of her soul denizens in The Moon's core.

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