A black hole is gonna suck Lumpy Space as usual.

Lumpy Space is a chaotic place located in some part of Land of Ooo. It is inhabited by people with allergies and heart asthma. Those people are known as Lumpy Space people. Lumpy Space is well known for it's violent activities that happens almost everyday. So don't visit Lumpy Space. Ever. Lumpy Space's population is estimated to 50,000 inhabitants.


When Lumpy Space Princess III found this place. She immediately invaded it by farting lotsa clouds until floating land clouds were formed. The villagers who used to live here were forced to leave the place. Lumpy Space Princess farted a cloud, but this time is a living, breathing person. Lumpy Space Princess farted more cloud until the Lumpy Space is full of Lumpy Space people. The leftover fart that Lumpy Space Princess used to fart cloud formed into an air mass. The air mass sucked more gravity until it formed a supernova. The supernova then collapsed then formed a black hole. A celestial object found in space. The black hole wasn't really dangerous because it is 90% created from flatulence, 9% hydrogen and 1% gravity. The only thing that is dangerous is the smell. Nuff said.

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