Lulu's mugshot, taken in 1996, also looks dirty.

Cquote1 Looks like Lars Ulrich is trying tosing Metallica at the bar I went to last night. Cquote2
Johnny C. on Lulu

Bruce Dickinson. Ronnie James Dio. Cliff Burton. These are just some of the victims of Lulu, the most wanted serial killer in San Diego, California, a serial killer known worldwide for his (her?) violent, motiveless acts of brutality towards innocent classical rock musicians. Like stated, it is unknown if Lulu's murderers have any motivation behind them, but it has been said that Lulu kills for fun. What could drive someone to wreak such senseless and insane violence? This page may have the answer.


Not much is known about Lulu's history. What is known is that it was born with no arms, and uses psychic/psychosis means of killing it's victims, completely draining them of their blood, and painting their blood on a wall in it's house "to keep the thing from getting out."

Lulu's first reported kill was in 1994. A farmer, after coming home from a party in the middle of the night, found a beheaded Pat Benatar lying in a haystack. Her body was strewn out across the floor, the head nowhere to be found. When the farmer turned a corner, he found her head, which on it was, written in blood, the words "Lulu".

When the farmer called up authorities, Police were immediately on the scene. Judging by Benatar's DNA, she had been taking a stroll late at night through the farm as a short cut to her home, when somehow, she was beheaded, supposedly by a murderer named "Lulu". Police traced the DNA of the writing, and indeed found a creature named Lulu. Eventually the Police tracked it down, but Lulu escaped after jumping a fence.

Lulu wasn't seen again until 1996, where it killed Cliff Burton on the Golden Gate Bridge. Police were quick on the scene, and managed to arrest Lulu before it could escape.

10 days later, however, Lulu somehow escaped, and has since killed more individuals. It seems Lulu appears every two years - it's latest victim was Lou Reed, just last January.

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