Luigi's Movie is a Movie about Luigi. It was created by Nintendo, Sega, and Disney because Luigi got jealous of The Mario Movie, so he got a gun and made them make this movie. It has gotten mediocre scores.


Luigi is playing Plankton Kart on his Wii when he gets a text from Ed saying Bowser has captured Mario. Luigi decides to save him. He goes to Sonic Islands because Bowser put a castle there. When he got there he met Knuckles who wanted to find Bowser so he can get the Master Emerald back. They go into the castle and beat up some random citizens that did nothing wrong. When they got to the top they found WaSonic and beat him up because he was working with Bowser. They found out Bowser was in another castle. So they went to WaWorld where another caste was set up. When they got there they found Waluigi who was upset with Bowser because he ate Waluigi's last slice of pizza. So all three of them went into the castle beaing up WaCitizens that did nothing wrong. When they got up they found out Marreoh was also working for Bowser. They beat him up and found out Bowser was in ANOTHER castle. So they went to Japan where the last castle was. There they found Ponyo. She was upset that Bowser stole her HAM!. They went up in the castle, beating up random Japanese citizens that did nothing wrong on the way, where they found Bowser. They beat him up and got there stuff back.




5/10 ~ Squadala Ratings

1/10 not enough chickens ~ Biased Ratings

50/75 ~ Wario Ratings

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