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The Lower Counsel of Undefeatables is a group of 44 nearly all-powerful gods of the Undefeatables. They were chosen by standing upon the UnRank Scales and living to tell the tale. Their job is to serve and assist the Upper Counsel of Undefeatables. Each one of these gods is, well, undefeatable.

Though new members can technically join, this seldom happens. In order to do so, one must balance out the UnRank Scales while the Forces of the UnUniverse are on the other side. And should there be no opening in the group (which there never is), you must then prove that one member truly is defeatable by killing him. If you attempt to dare cheat into getting into this unholy Counsel you will be immediately killed and put unto Hell.

In the history of the UnUniverse, there have only two instances of a change in the undefeatable roster. After the First Undefeatable War, Weegee was defeated by the Loyalist Army. As this proved him defeatable, he was exiled and replaced by WaPo who had recently been created by Chuck Norris. The other change took place in 2008. After The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, Godzilla was defeated and demoted. His position was filled by Herobrine.


  • Shaggy Rogers (He's here rather than the Upper Counsel because he's the most scared undefeatable to ever live)
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