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Louie's Notes are cooking notes made by Louie, essentially being a cook-book, and contain how to prepare various specialty animal and Barney meals. It is the official food preparation doctrine of the UnUniverse approved by Chuck Norris in 2005. This means it's very important, and digital copies exist in all of the UnAnything Headquarters.

It started back in 2004 when "accidentally" cooked the soul of his pet Rabbid, who was the one eating the bodies of the creatures that Louie cooked the souls out of them, and so he had to somehow dispose of the bodies. Of course this would all fail, because nobody liked eating 3 day old Space Invaders or Dasks. However Louie being a very spiritual person, handling both Giygas's soul soups, and souls of fruit and butter (Don't ask me how) would know the perfect combinations for a delicious meal for a provided creature, and so wrote the first edition of Louie's Notes. He started stapling them onto random McDonalds menus across the country in the U.S., much to the dismay of Ronald McDonald but to critical acclaim of the general public. Such a bold marketing move!

This lead to Louie's arrest, but also the start of a new era of cooking in which Louie was the king of. Publishing rights during this time were bought out by Blockbuster for 2.5 OctoDecillion space rubies, and Louie was released from prison due to prison being a cruel or unusual punishment for such a wonderful chef.

The book is now known as the greatest ever piece of literature ever, to where Chuck Norris owns 15 octodecillion copies of it (Both physical and digital). And every member of the UnAnything Team owns a digital copy, the only people in the world with digital copies.

It is even better than Squidward's Notes!

The book currently features ways to cook the following:

  1. Bulborb
  2. Bloopers
  3. Banana Chicken
  4. Eobah
  5. You know this is a very short list... Click here to see all of the things mentioned in this book

Notes (no, not Louie's notes)

  • Despite it being the amazing cookbook that it is, Louie doesn't properly know how to cook. Nope, Louie is one of the best cooks ever. every restaurant has at least 1 copy, and they are, through time travel, how Colonel Sanders got his start with frying crispying chicken.
  • Louie includes inedible things in this book for whatever reason. Although Louie is immune to the effects of inedible things.
  • The book only works in English, if anyone tries to translate it to other languages or tries to assemble a foreign language version of it, they instantly DIE!
    • This might explain of why all intergalactic life in the UnOmniverse also speaks English.