Loserland is a country in Kittehlandia. It is, as Albert Einstein says, one of the stupidest countries EVAH! Truly awesome people find this country stupid, and want to pwn it out of the UnMultiverse. The people who are living here are stupid, and loves it here. The only religion in this country is Stupidsm. The only food that grows here are potatoes.

Stupid one

The Stupid One that every loser in Loserland belives in

Wario Stupid

Wario after being a day week month year in Loserland!

Jeff the stupid

Jeff the Killer`s Loserland brother, Jeff the Stupid. HA! HA!


Chuck Norris needed to get the stupid people to get off of the UnWorld. They could blow it up by mistake. But Chuck Norris is a god, so he roundhouse kicked the UnUniverse, transporting all the dumb people to Kittehlandia, where they created Loserland. And they lived stupidly ever after.


Stupidism is the only religion there, where Stupiders pray to The Stupid One 3 times everyday. Certain Stupiders, like Wario and Waluigi, does forget it, and sit on the toilet all day. People like The scratch cat does do epic phail on religion.




In the UnUniverse Championship Tournament, they does also have a team. But... they fails all the time. The team`s names are the Squadala Soccer Team and the Loserverse Loosahs ( Wario`s favorite team. )


There is not much entertainement in Loserland, but you can watch tv shows. The most popular of these are The Adventures of The Stupid One. NOOOOOOOOO!!!

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