Lori Loud

She's been brainwashed by her phone, hence the swirly eyes.

Lori Loud is the oldest member of The Loud House. She is obsessed with smartphones and modern technology. She lives in Royal Woods along with her siblings.


Lori was the first Loud Sibling to be created by Zalgo, billions and billions of years ago. She was a "prototype build" of the later, more dangerous, Loud Siblings.

Zalgo wanted her to have a weakness, but not a common weakness, like Kryptonite or the colour yellow. He thought "a telephone that fits in your pocket" was impossible, so he made that Lori's weakness. Little did he know that Steve Jobs would make that exact thing billions of years later.

Once the iPhone 7 came out, Lori got one as soon as possible. The 5G microchip in the phone brainwashed her into constantly checking it all the time, especially for messages from her boyfriend/fellow eldritch creature/Casagrandes member, Bobby Santiago (another early adopter of this technology). To this day, Lori is glued to her phone constantly.

One day, Lori wanted a bigger phone, so she stole the iPhone Infinity from Santa Claus. She now uses it to spy on people for her family's terrorist organization, but she still uses the iPhone 7 to talk to Bobby.

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