Cquote1 “Search the farthest villages, the farthest cities. Find more metal! China will be mine...” Cquote2
Lord Shen
Lord Shen
Lord Shen

...[we'll] serve them up a genocide they never will forget...

Gender: Male
Hair color: White...?
Eye color: Red
Age: Appx. 13.7 billion
Birthdate: Beginning of time, possessed a body in 69 AD
Species: Peacock
Height: 8 feet
Home: Gongmen City, China
Death: Alive
AKA: Shen, the Sin of Pride, "Giygas-tailed squawkbox", Xi Jinping, Firewall, Trump
Likes: Conquering all of China, police brutality, lettuce
Dislikes: Reddit wholesome 100 moments, all democratic Sinophone states
Occupation: Conquering
Known For: Conquest and mass genocide of pandas
Powers: Giving you your worst nightmares with his 92 eyes on his feathers, leading his foes paralyzed.
UnRank: 10^92

Lord Shen (Chinese: 主神, Zhǔshén), or simply Shen is a peacock with 92 feathers; look into any of them and you'll get a flashback of your worst nightmares.

He is the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins and represents Pride.

At some point he managed to seize control of the Guangdong province of China. Here he declared the Chinese Empire, even though he only had control of one small province.

Proof he is the Sin of Pride

Shen thinks what he is doing is right when it really isn't. He is the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins.

He had an arrogant personality and thinks he'd conquer all of China to the point he made tons of canons just to destroy the city he was residing in before forming the Seven Deadly Sins.

Yes, he is destructive, but he also adores himself, he has a huge ego with his 92 feathers and thinks he looks gorgeous.

His team consisted of himself being the leader, Dimentio, Cirno, Peter Griffin, Mr. Krabs, Grimace, and Lucoa.

Shen decided to take the late Matoro's sacrifice so seriously; whereas Matoro died a hero, Shen decided to live long enough as a villain permanently.

He kept hunting down Po (NOT THAT PO!) and the rest of the Furious Five so he can conquer China.

After Star-Lord and Po the Panda broke into his stronghold, the former let Shen get away due to Peter Quill being such a spoiled brat and accused him of murdering Nebula, like how he let Thanos win after killing Gamora.

Some time later, an attempted invasion of Hong Kong was thwarted by protesters and a "meddling cat", as he himself says.


  • His name literally means "Lord Divinity" in Chinese; proving his pride.
  • It's ironic considering both Lord Shen and Matoro are white, the only difference is that the latter has blue accents and died a hero while the former has red accents and decided to live a villain.
    • Coincidentally, while Vriska Serket (The second humility after Matoro's death) shares the blue that Matoro has, she is mostly black-gray as opposed to white-silver. These inverted colors do reflect Shen's white-red (Really a crimson) in contrast to her black-blue (Well a cerulean basically).
  • He may have something to do with the Canadian Goose phenomenon. We're not sure.

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