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" Happiness... must be taken. And I will take mine. "
  —Lord Shen, 2097
Lord Shen
Gender: Male
Hair color: White feathers with black and red highlights
Eye color: Red
Age: Appx. 13.7 billion
UnBirthday: Beginning of time, possessed a body in 69 AD
Species: Peacock
Height: Peacock-sized
Home: Gongmen City, China
Death: Alive
AKA: Shen, the Sin of Pride, "Giygas-tailed squawkbox", Xi Jinping, Firewall
Likes: Conquests, grand strategy games, police brutality, lettuce
Dislikes: Reddit wholesome 100 moments, all democratic Sinophone states
Occupation: Military dictator
Known For: the panda genocide, destruction of the city of Hong Kong, starting the Bauhinia War
Powers: Phobia projection, military command, durability
UnRank: 10^92

Lord Shen (Chinese: 主神, Zhǔ shén), or simply Shen is a peacock. He has an oddly-specific 92 feathers on his tail, each of which are believed to passively emit some sort of psychic influence capable of manifesting as one's worst fears. Such is also true of his symbol, which is a known cognitohazard.

He is the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins and represents Pride.

At some point he managed to seize control of the Guangdong province of China. Here he declared the Chinese Empire, even though he only had control of one small province. To be fair, though, it was an empire, and it was Chinese.


Shen, simply put, is a textbook megalomaniac. Not only does he think he looks gorgeous (truth be told, he does), but he flaunts such, and is willing to disappear anyone who says otherwise. He has no thoughts about wiping entire cities off the map, and has done so multiple times in the past, through the destruction of Hong Kong in 1997 via use of Tong Shao Ping, a superweapon that's clearly just a ripoff of Hyrule's D.I.N.N.E.R.

Shen is so entirely self-absorbed and arrogant that he is incapable of distinguishing right from wrong. This has been true since he was young: he ordered the massacre of thousands simply to remove threats to his own rising dominance.

Fighting style

In combat, Shen is exceptionally lethal, on par with some Undefeatables and being able to snap Tierboskat's wrist in unarmed combat, implying he may be able to go up directly against the likes of Happycat or Dunecat as well. It is believed that one of the warlords (Thundering Rhino, to be specific) that he killed in his conquest of Guangdong was already near-undefeatable, likely on the level of Super Strong Giant Person, and that Shen was prolonging the fight for the plot. To quote another wiki more versed on this subject:

"Shen's kung fu skills were so advanced that he could hold his own against both Storming Ox and Croc, who were both revered and full-fledged kung fu masters. Shen was also able to counter every one of their moves flawlessly and with lethal precision, hinting that he could've killed them whenever he chose."


"When Shen engaged someone in close combat, not one move he made was wasted. He made full and efficient use of every technique, weapon, and tactic he had at his disposal, utilizing not only his bladed weapons but also his tail and talons."


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His team consisted of himself being the leader, Dimentio, Cirno, Peter Griffin, Mr. Krabs, Grimace, and Lucoa.

He kept hunting down Po (not to be confused with the teletubby) and his mentors so he can conquer China unopposed.

Some time later, an attempted invasion of Hong Kong was thwarted by protesters and a "meddling cat", as he himself says.

After Star-Lord and Po broke into his stronghold, Star-lord (correctly) accused him of murdering Nebula, allowing Shen to summon a clone of Mao Zedong to escape.

He faked his death in 2097, and his current whereabouts are unknown.


  • His name literally means "Divinity" in Chinese.
  • He may have something to do with the Canadian Goose phenomenon. We're not sure.
  • The quote in the infobox was created with AI Dungeon, one of the coolest Real World inspirations for UnAnything content.

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