Lord Gabua

Lord Gabua
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Lord Gabua glaring at you
Gender: Male
Hair color: Ginger
Eye color: Orange
Species: Cat
Home: Lord Gabua's Cave
Death: When Peach shot him in the face
AKA: Gabua Doorman
Likes: Take over the UnWorld
Dislikes: Water, Shotguns
Education: Connecticut School of Evil Kitty Arts
Occupation: Lord
Known For: kidnapping Malleo
UnRank: 455

Lord Gabua, full name Lord Gabua Dorman, is the lord of, uh, his own cave. He has no real friends, other than his monocle. He is totally diabolical and is set on World Domination.


Lord Gabua is a ginger-furred evil cat. He has a black mustache and bowler hat. He also has a monocle with a red lens. He wears a blue denim jean-jacket.

Early Life

As a kitty, he was denied his spaghetti in the cafeteria because he only had 1 UnDollars, instead of 1.232 UnDollars. This caused him to become evil. His first ever evil-deed was taking The King's lollipop, at age 7.


He is currently dead, because Peach shot him with her trusty shotgun. His first real step to World Domination was kidnapping (or is malleonapping) Malleo.

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