Gabua Cave on Mount Myamoto

Lord Gabua's Cave, sometimes called Gabua Cave, is located on Mount Miyamoto, in the Mushroom Kingdom. It is the home, birthplace, and deathplace of Lord Gabua. It is 5 miles away from the Mushroom Kingdom.


The cave is about the size of an average cave. It has 5 different rooms. The original creator and owner of it was Philsbert Buttfeeder.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is where Lord Gabua makes his food. It has a fridge in it that stores empty Coke bottles. It also has an oven and a microwave that is 10 times to strong. It does not have a dishwasher because Lord Gabua just licks his plates clean.

Lord Gabua's Bedroom

His bedroom is a total mess just like yours. It has Coke bottles and dirty denim jackets everywhere. This is where he keeps his Macintosh, the computer he uses to play Dinner Blaster: Puzzle Bomber.

The Living Room

His living room is a normal living room with a TV, WiiGame Boi Advance, and Death Lazer. What? You don't have a Death Lazer? Nor does any of your imaginary friends? Oh, ok. I guess his living room isn't normal.


A closet where he keeps his clothes.

Wine Cellar

Even though Lord Gabua is allergic to alchohol, he made this so he could feel fancy.

Notable Residents

  • Philsbert Buttfeeder
  • Lord Gabua

Notable Events

  • Lord Gabua buys it from Philsbert Buttfeeder.
  • Peach kills Lord Gabua to save Malleo.
  • Malleo takes a crap in the Wine Cellar.
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