Dipsy lolipop

Dipsy's Lollipop.

A Lollipop (Sometimes shortened Lollies) is this round piece of Candee with a stick stuck in to it. Lollipops come either flat or round. Most people prefer round ones except for Squidward Tentacles and Plankton, who eat the flat ones instead of round ones like everyone else. They are NOT to be swallowed, You suck it first THEN You take bits out of it and eat them. If people swallow it, They will choke and die. They also come in lots of different colors (purple, yellow, green, red, etc....)


They are most often sold by sweet shops along with other Candee.They are one of Po's favorite food. But when Po gets it, she curses it with The Devil and then eats it. Most people find them tasty with the flavor when sucking it but sometimes, People choke on the flavor an cause medical problems. When Tinky Winky,Dipsy and Laa-Laa eat lollipops, They are purple, green and yellow.


Some people believe there's sugar in A lollipop because of it's flavours.But there are some people who believe it is actually made of a compound that makes kids addicted so the sweet stores can make lots of money.

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