Lobster House is a movie made by Mario and Luigi to replace Monster House.

Lobster House

The big attack scene


a kid sees a creepy house and goes in. Then a Lobster attacks him. He is tooken to the hospital. A seafood company captures the Lobster but when they try to put it in the grinder, it chops of one of the workers heads, and throws the other in the grinder. A nother worker sees it and trys to catch it but it jumps on him and kills him. It escapes and goes back to his house. Some construction workers try to tear the house down over night, But the lobster kills them. Then the lobster goes to the supermarket and attacks people and frees the lobsters in the tank. Then an Angry Chef comes and trys to kill it with a knife but he slips and knifes himself. The Lobster then frees some lobsters at the aquarium and goes back home. Then a group of kids come and use the bulldozers and stuff left over from the construction guys to try to destroy the house. The lobster fuses itself with the house and attacks them. The house turns fully lobster and rampages through the city until the kids ram it with bulldozers and kill it. It explodes and turns back into normal house. The only thing left


The fish chicken prop from the movie

from the lobster is a dead fish stuffed in a chicken with a ciggarete


A sequal called Lobster House 2 was made. It is about a family that moves into the house but is attacked by the Fish Chicken and the Lobster.

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